Admit Conversion

(Census Development)

Many rehab centers get leads but that does not convert to admits, we help treatment centers with optimizing their lead nurturing process. A lead lost is a lost opportunity, over the years we have helped treatment centers increasing their admit counts.

From the point of contact to admission, a patient goes through various phases that ranges from Insurance Verification to facility check-in. Convincing a patient to get into the treatment is not a one step process. We need to focus on all steps and optimize them to produce the desired results.

These processes starts with a call or chat with admission counselors, they need to be properly trained, sympathetic towards client and prompt. They need to stay in touch with client and not to skip even a single follow up. All touchpoint details need to be updated in CRM so that in case of their absence, other guys can follow up with the client. Client is dealing with the organization not with an individual they need to be entertained in the absence of one person.

You need be patient and understand the client’s needs and provide them solutions that fit their requirement. If a client is not fit for your program than prefer to refer them to the other treatment centers instead of SAMHSA, other treatment center will reciprocate with referrals too.

Similarly, if a client does not have insurance, do not refer them to SAMHSA right away; explore the opportunity of private pay or loan. Admissions team needs to work on all the possible avenues for conversion before referring out a client.

Do not stop until the client checks into the facility and under the supervision of medical team. Rest will be done by the medical team with their superior services. Every person who has recovered is your flag bearer out in the market and he will get you good words and clients both.

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